First meeting of the partners to define the project.


Construction of the Jackrabbit bridge over the Diable river in Mont-Tremblant to connect the two sectors of the Mont-Tremblant cross-country ski trails (Tremblant sector and Domaine Saint-Bernard). This bridge is a major investment of the City of Mont-Tremblant and was named “Jackrabbit Bridge”, in honor of a great touring skier, Herman “Jackrabbit” Smith- Johannsen (1875–1987). Construction of a culvert near the former Le Boulé Lodge entrance by Mont-Tremblant National Park in preparation for the Grande Boucle Tremblant.


Construction of a new 2.1 km trail, connecting the Jackrabbit bridge with the trails at the Domaine Saint-Bernard. This trail was developed by the City of Mont-Tremblant and connects the Tremblant resort trails with those of the Domaine Saint-Bernard. A shelter was built adjacent to this new bridge thanks to the generosity of Claude Forget Inc.

Accès-Nature Laurentides developed an 8 km trail, connecting the Lac-Supérieur church to Mont-Tremblant National Park, Val-des-Lacs sector, via the Côté Nord and Vallée de la Grise developments. As well, a bridge built by the Côté Nord developments crosses the Le Boulé river giving access to the UQAM Inter-Center network trails.


Work was carried out on 16.2 km of the Grand Brulé Trail (GBT) in 2008. Stabilization and drainage of the trail was completed east of the Jackrabbit Bridge.

Twenty-two culverts were installed on the North-South and the trail cleared. Surveys were made for the construction of two bridges in Mont-Tremblant National Park and 700 meters of trails were cleared there.

In the Val-des-Lacs sector, starting from Le Nordet road, the trail was completely cleared, culverts installed, a bridge built and the intersections between the UQAM, Inter- Center and GBT trails were improved.

A new section of the GBT was built with two bridges west and south of Lake Ti-Gris. Finally, the trail between the Lac-Supérieur church and Chemin Le Nordet was straightened, leveled and drained.


A portion of a new trail was cleared at Lac Ti-Gris, including the construction of an important bridge at the outlet of the lake and clearing of 3 km of a trail leading to Mont-Tremblant National Park. Construction of a bridge and a trail on the Fourche de la Diable Park Trail in Lac-Supérieur.


10 km of trails were revitalized in Mont-Tremblant National Park, between Le Nordet parking lot and Lac Monroe, together with an 8-meter bridge built over Desjardins Creek in the national park. Another 0.7 km was built along Le Nordet road in the municipality of Lac-Supérieur. The trail around the Ti-Gris Lake for hiking and snowshoeing was cleared over 2 km. The “North-South” trail was widened, straightened and drained over 2 km in the Sun Slope sector of the Tremblant ski resort.


2.1 km of trails in the Devil’s Fork (Fourche de la Diable) Park (municipality of Lac-Supérieur) were straightened, drained and seeded. Development of 6.5 km of banded paths between the Sun Slope and the Devil’s Fork Park were designed. Work on a forest cut and deactivation of its skidding trails in the Devil’s Fork Park were completed.


Upgrading of the 1.2 km trail on the North Side Development in Lac-Supérieur as well as the development of a snowshoe trail in the Devil’s Fork Park in Lac-Supérieur.


Development of 1.5 km of trail in the Fraternité-sur-Lac development in the Rivière Verte area of Lac-Supérieur. Relocation of 600 meters from the GBT and part of a snowshoe trail in the Devil’s Fork Park.


Planning of a rustic section of the GBT between the Versant Soleil and Versant Nord of the Tremblant ski resort (layout and obtaining planning permits). Development of 200 meters on the shores of Lac-Supérieur.


Construction of 7 walkways and cleaning of the Hemlock trail.


Construction of the bridge over the La Boulé river and construction of a parking lot at the entrance to the Devil’s Fork Park section.


Marking of the north-south trail along Chemin Duplessis. Feasibility study of the project and development of a map of the Inter-Centre and Accès-Nature Laurentides trails. The maps are available on their websites.


Marking out the Mont Durand and Devil’s Fork sections. Municipal map in preparation. Obtaining right of way on the Green River. Change of presidency. Serge Dubois replaces Roland Doré, as president of GBT.


Lac Supérieur publishes 5000 copies of a map which include the section of the GBT that passes through its territory. Accès-Nature Laurentides makes presentations to land owners and to the Municipality of Lac Supérieur. Result: The municipality of Lac Supérieur acquires a piece of land and receives a donation of a strip of land. This area, through which the GBT passes, will link the center of Lac Supérieur to the Devil’s Fork section. Accès-Nature Laurentides and Inter-Centre apply for approval of a section of the GBT in the Mont Durand region (Val des Lacs). The municipality of Lac Supérieur is applying for certification of the Devil’s Fork section in order to maintain this section of the GBT


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